It has come to my conclusion that individuals seek out the help of a psychologist only then when they have lost significant hope. It is at this moment that they should seek out the Lord. Healing comes from seeking out the Kingdom of God.  

My Therapeutic Method

I am a theologian and psychologist. The psychologist studies how the mind makes us behave the way we do, while the theologian is not satisfied with the how alone, but seeks in interpret the why.

Anxiety and Phobias

We are all a slave to something. Either it is our animalistic nature that drives us or we choose to follow the spirit of God and become a servant to it. 


If we are God's Children, and we can call out to him with Abba, which means daddy, then God raises us to mature spiritually as we get older. The the way that God raises us, may be a good indication as to how we should raise our children.


Depression is the result of having succumb to the stress and dangers of this world. When one is completly lost and eaten out of a pig troth and no longer has the strength to go on. This is the state of depression.