Anxiety & Phobias

The difference between anxiety and phobias is this. Anxiety is fear without an object; and, a phobia is fear with an object of that fear. However, the Bible teaches us to fear not. Scientific psychology assumes that fear is an unavoidable attribute of nature. But this is not the case we do not have to live in a world of fear. That is not to say that fear serves no good purpose. It most certainly does, as do all of the basic emotions. Fear gives us the impulse to avoid false negatives assumptions. A fact that evolutionary psychology is well documented. This only underlines that God has created us with emotional drives and instincts. However, we are also created in his image and it is this that separates us from animals in that we can’t decide for ourselves individually if we to do right or wrong. Humans alone have the ability to override emotional instinctual and driven impulses and not allow them to dictate our behavior.