Therapeutic Method

I have come to the realization that people who seek out professional help, do so as a last resort when they are weak in spirit when they are mourning, when they are tired of fighting when they feel they have been wronged, when they seek mercy when they are struggling to keep their hearts pure when they seek peace.

These are exactly the life situations of which Jesus spoke in the Beatitudes (Matthew, 5:3-12). As such, people often turn to a psychologist for help. However, the healing lies not within the science of psychology but in one's spiritual connection with God. Scientific Psychology is the study of Human Behavior, a fascinating subject. But science can only tell us HOW a biological or physical process works but tells us nothing in terms of WHY processes work the way they do. The difference between the WHY and the How would make an appropriate subtitle for my book, The Psychology of God.

If we are children of God in the spiritual sense, then it is conceivable that we undergo a spiritual development that may be correlated to our scientific understanding of child development. My research has shown that God is indeed present and involved in our everyday stressful lives. And He wants his children to Him and not a psychologist. This is then my purpose as a psychologist. I use my understanding of psychology and invite God's Holy Spirit to guide and build relationships that lead to healing.